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Contacting Emi

  • Emi's preferred mode of communication is email.You can reach her at
  • If you must snail mail stuff, send to: Emi Koyama, PO Box 40570, Portland OR 97240.

Emi on Tour

  • For the latest schedule of Emi's presentations, click here.
  • If your organization or school is interested in hearing Emi speak, read presentation FAQ and email her.

Welcome to is a personal website of multi-issue social justice activist/writer/rogue intellectual Emi Koyama. Emi often writes and speaks out about feminism, sexual and domestic violence, sex work/trade and trafficking, queer and trans liberation, intersex and disability issues, among others.

Okay, so it's a personal web site, but if you are into any of these issues there are so much stuff to read on this site that it's almost scary. See the FAQ section to get started, or head directly to another section.

What's on is made up of the following sections:

  • Blog is most frequently updated part of this website, which isn't all that frequent. Learn what Emi is doing and thinking these days.
  • Frequently Asked Questions. Read Emi's answers to some of the pertinent questions such as "who the heck is this Emi chick anyway?"
  • 'Zines & Buttons is where you can purchase notorious Emi buttons and other stuff.
  • Presentations. Here you can see the almost complete list of Emi's past and future presentations, workshops, etc. She is actively seeking speaking engagements (even though she's often too shy to promote herself), so if some of these topics interest you or your group, please contact her.
  • Readings. This is the area where you can read stuff Emi wrote and other Emi-related documents. Sorry it's kinda confusing considering the fact that the entire site is full of reading materials, but this is how Emi organized the site long time ago before blog and stuff.
  • Interchange. This is a depository of Emi's online rabble rousing from various mailing lists and message boards. Chances are you came here after seeing one of Emi's posts in these forums. I promise that I'm not as intimidating as I may seem online.
  • Fliers. With these fliers, you can turn ordinary public restrooms or elevators into sites of gender rebellion. Download these PDF files and plaster them all over your town! (Old content)

In addition, you can follow Emi's stuff elsewhere on the internet: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr

If you want to contact Emi, feel free to email