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Publications & Other References

Publications by Emi Koyama

Many of these articles are available in some form in the reading section and/or as part of Emi's zines.

  • 2006. "Higeki no imi wo surikaeru jendaa tataki seiryoku." (Backlash and the distortion of a tragedy)Shukan Kin'youbi. Sept. 22. [in Japanese]
  • 2006. "Disloyal to feminism: Abuse of survivors within the domestic violence shelter system." in Smith A, Richie BE, Sudbury J, eds. The Color of Violence: INCITE! Anthology. Cambridge, Mass.: South End Press.
  • 2006. "'Burenda to yobareta shounen' to bakkurasshu gensetsu no meisou." ("As Nature Made Him and the confused rhetoric of the anti-feminist backlash.") in Ueno C, Miyadai S, et al. Bakkurasshu! Naze jendaa furiiwa tatakaretanoka?. (Backlash!: Gender Equality Under Attack.) Tokyo: Sofusha. [in Japanese]
  • 2006. "Whose feminism is it anyway? The unspoken racism of the trans inclusion debate." in Stryker S, Whittle S, eds. The Transgender Studies Reader. New York: Routledge.
  • 2005. "A new fat-positive feminism: Why the old fat-positive feminism (often) sucks and how to re-invent it." in Heywood LL, ed. The Women's Movement Today: An Encyclopedia of Third-Wave Feminism. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press.
  • 2004. "Douseikon wo meguru beikoku LGBT komyunitii no poritikusu." ("The politics over same-sex marriages within LGBT communities.") in Akasugi Y, Tsuchiya Y, Tsutsui M, eds. Dousei paatonaa: Douseikon DP-hou wo shiru tameni. (Same-sex partnerships: Understanding same-sex marriage and domestic partnership registry.) [in Japanese]
  • 2004. Feminizumu heno fuchuu: DV sherutaa ni okeru sabaibaa heno gyakutai. (Disloyal to feminism: Abuse of survivors within domestic violence shelter system.) Osaka: Aurora. [Translated to Japanese by Irie K, Wada J.]
  • 2003. "The transfeminist manifesto." in Dicker R, Piepmeier A, eds. Catching A Wave: Reclaiming Feminism for the 21st Century. Boston: Northeastern University Press.
  • 2002. "From social construction to social justice: Transforming how we teach about intersexuality." Co-authored with Weasel L. Women's Studies Quarterly. Fall/Winer.

Emi Sightings in the Media

Below are Emi sightings in magazines and news articles.

  • Review of Color of Violence: The INCITE! Anthology by Keidra Chaney published in Bitch magazine mentions Emi's article favorably. [Read Excerpt]
  • Emi participated in a roundtable about the future of gender in the Spring 2006 issue of LiP magazine. Visit LiP magazine's website to purchase a copy.
  • January 26, 2004 issue of The Human Events, a national conservative weekly magazine, listed Emi as one of the three major "sex positive" speakers who poison the minds of America's youth. [Read Excerpt]
  • Emi participated in a roundtable about the trans exclusion policy at the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival in Bitch magazine, Summer 2002. Purchase this issue from Bitch to read the debate.
  • The above roundtable has resulted in bunch of weird hateful attacks, such as this letter to the editor published in the February 2004 issue of Curve magazine.
  • Emily Hall's mostly negative review of the 5th Annual Sex Workers' Art Show published in January 31, 2002 issue of The Stranger singles out the works by Emi and Carol Queen as the better portions. [Read Excerpt]
  • Katia Dunn of Portland Mercury reported about the intersex educational action in front of the Portland production of The Vagina Monologues led by Emi. [Read Article] Also: Just Out, a Portland-based LGBT newspaper, also ran a story (this one is better!), which is available on the web site of Intersex Society of North America.
  • In "Some Things I Found Out in North America," an Australian feminist named Chilla Bulbeck discusses Emi's presentation at the 2001 National Women's Studies Association conference. [Read Excerpt]
  • Emi helped Katia Dunn with her article, "What Gender Am I Again?", for August 23, 2001 issue of Portland Mercury, and also was interviewed. [Read Article and Emi's letter to editor in the next issue]
  • Emi was interviewed for Lisa Bradshaw's "Making Waves", an article about three waves of feminism, published in September 2000 issue of Nervy Girl! [Read Excerpt]
  • Katherine A. Mason interviewed Emi for her article, "Unkindest Cut", on intersex activism. [Read Excerpt]

Emi Citations in Academic Works

Below are some of the academic writings in which Emi was quoted or cited (that we know of--there must be others.)

  • Robert J. Hill interviewed Emi for his article about transfeminism, "Menacing Feminism, Educating Sisters", and also cited "The Transfeminist Manifesto". [Read Excerpt]
  • There are numerous articles in addition to the above in which Emi is interviewed as the director of Intersex Initiative. Please see the "Media" section of Intersex Initiative's website to read them.