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Flier Campaigns

Here are some of the activist fliers Emi produced. Feel free to download PDF files (Acrobat Reader 4.0 or higher needed), print them out, and plaster all over your town (note: it may be illegal in some cities so don't get caught). If you own a digital camera, send us snap shots of these fliers in action--we'll post your pictures here.

Creative Commons License

These fliers are under a Creative Commons license that allows you "to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work" and "to make derivative works" under certain conditions. Click on the logo to the right to find out more. Personally I'd like to see someone create an intepretative dance based on the fliers.

Also, check out Intersex Initiative website for fliers for intersex activism.

"Fuck Your Gender" Bathroom Campaign

Download bathroom.pdf

Started in late 1999, this ongoing campaign posts the "alternative" bathroom signs all over the town. Signs say "MEN" with the symbol of a person dressed in skirt, or "WOMEN" with the symbol of a person in pants. At the bottom of the sign is the phrase "fuck your gender."

"Fuck Your Gender" Elevator Campaign


Similar to above, this is the gender-appropriate signs for elevators. Find a building that has two elevators side by side, and post these signs. I stole the idea for these fliers from someone who supposedly got the idea from my bathroom signs.

No Crips Allowed


Second of the series of bathroom signs. This time, the sign states "TAB (temporarily able-bodied) ONLY--NO CRIPS ALLOWED" with the wheelchair symbol crossed out. Also at the bottom: "Make it accessible or we'll pee anywhere."

Palm Beach County Gender Form

Butterfly Ballot
is-ballot.pdf (56kb)

Emi designed this graphic as a parody of the notorious "butterfly ballot" which supposedly wrecked Al Gore's presidential hope in 2000. Personally I think this is an old news, but I continue to receive requests for the PDF, so here it is. Just in case you have forgotten what the actual Palm Beach County ballot looked like, click here.



It's been ten years since the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, but vast majority of America is still inaccessible. A friend of ours was at one of those inaccessible places and screamed "this is so in-fucking-accessible!" Hence the flyer based on that statement.

Jesus was a Big Fat Dyke


Was Jesus a big fat dyke? Well, that's not the issue here, according to this controvertial handout. Makes 4 copies when printed back-to-back.