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Speaker's Bureau

  • Emi is available to speak at your organization, school, or classroom! Check out her profile, and contact her to inquire. Thanks!

Emi's Presentations

Below is the almost complete list of past and future workshops, lectures, etc. that Emi has presented or will present. She is always seeking additional speaking engagements - please feel free to inquire by email.

You can also view some of the slides from Emi's presentations on various topics.

09/13/18 Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University Feminisms Now! panel w/ Fatimah Asghar, Dana Bolger, Melissa Febos, and Kimberly Foster
05/02/18 Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs conference, Kennewick WA Enhancing the Rights & Safety for People in the Sex Trade: Finding A Common Ground Beyond the "Prostitution Debate" workshop
05/01/18 Embracing Survival and Coping by Any Means: A Harm Reduction Approach to Survivor Advocacy workshop
03/22/18 Invisible No More Symposium at UC Berkeley Policing Gender, Reproduction, Sex, and Sexuality panel w/ Monica Jones, Jill Adams, Xandra Ibarra (mod.)
03/20/18 Comfort Women Justice Coalition, San Francisco Update on Japanese Right-Wing's Attacks on "Comfort Women" lecture
03/13/18 University of Oregon The Transfeminist Manifesto Revisited: 20 Years Later lecture
03/02/18 Seattle Annual Sex Worker Symposium Coming Together: Intersectional Activism in the Sex Worker Rights Movement panel w/ Angela Keaton, Christa B. Daring, Maia Oliver, and Noa Suprimbe
02/24/18 Missing Persons symposium, University of California at Riverside Negative Survivorship talk keynote
02/23/18 University of California at Riverside Japan's "Comfort Women" and the Historical Denial in the U.S. lecture
01/30/18 Washington State House Committee on Early Learning and Human Services Testimony re HB 2857 for Coalition for Rights & Safety for People in the Sex Trade
01/25/18 University of Washington Defending Human Rights of Sex Workers and People in the Sex Trade guest lecture
01/16/18 Washington State House Committee on Public Safety Testimony in support of HB 2631 for Coalition for Rights & Safety for People in the Sex Trade
Gay City, Seattle Krip Resistance: To Exist is To Resist multi-genre art show w/ Ayom Ament, Tara Hardy, Naima Niambi Lowe, and Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha
10/17/17 Intl Conf on the Redress Movement for the Victims of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery, Queens College, Flushing NY Japanese far-right activities in the U.S. and at the United Nations: Conflict and coordination between Japanese government and fringe groups paper
Breaking Silences, Demanding Crip Justice Conference, Dayton OH Intersex at the Intersection of Disability and Gender Justice keynote
Embracing Negative Survivorship and "Unhealthy" Coping breakout session
08/14/17 Washington, DC Japanese History Revisionism Overseas: What is Japan's "alt-right" doing in the U.S.? policy seminar
08/10/17 Sex Worker Community Summit on Criminal Justice Reforms, Washington DC Multiple Criminal Justice Reform Strategies: Reaching the Decriminalization of Sexual Labor and Survival panel
08/09/17 California Coalition Against Sexual Assault Embracing Negative Survivorship and "Unhealthy" Coping: Harm Reduction and Survivor Advocacy a Mirror Memoirs workshop
Sex Work Can Help Us Survive a Mirror Memoirs panel
05/17/17 LGBTQ Allyship Disability Justice and Economic Justice training for LGBTQ worker education
05/10/17 Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs Transgender Justice Beyond "Bathroom Access" workshop
05/09/17 Embracing Negative Survivorship and "Unhealthy" Coping workshop
03/03/17 Seattle Annual Sex Work Symposium The "Harms" of Prostitution panel with Ceyenne Doroshow, Elene Lam, and Tobi Hill-Meyer
12/17/16 Portland Q Center Speech for International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers cancelled due to inclement weather
11/17/16 American Studies Association, Denver CO Transphobia in Bed, Bath, and Beyond invited panel with Susan Stryker and Aren Zachary Aizura
11/10/16 Indiana University, South Bend Rescue is for kittens: state violence and the impact of anti-trafficking policies on queer and trans youth in the sex trade lecture
11/04/16 National Harm Reduction Conference, San Diego CA "Stop Throwing Condoms at Us!" Survival, Risk-Management, and Lived Realities of Trans Women of Color and Others in the Sex Trade workshop
Embracing Negative Survivorship and Unhealthy Coping: A Harm Reduction Approach in the Movement Against Domestic and Sexual Violence workshop
05/19/16 Belltown Community Center, Seattle Transgender Rights: A Feminist Issue panel
05/15/16 El Centro de la Raza, Seattle Queer & Trans API #RethinkSafety panel
04/18/16 Gay City, Seattle National Transgender HIV Testing Day panel [read]
04/03/16 Association for Asian Studies, Seattle The "Comfort Woman" Controversy and Historical Revisionism in Japan and the U.S. panel with Hirofumi Hayashi, Yukiko Hanawa, Katsuya Hirano, and Tomomi Yamaguchi
02/22/16 Women of Color Network Regional Gathering, Seattle Re-Centering Justice: Innovative Advocacy for Survivors panel with Susan Burton and Janetta Louise
02/19/16 Outreach Cross-Training, Seattle Intersectionality training
01/09/16 Gay City, Seattle (More than just) Trans 101 in-service training
12/19/15 Gay City, Seattle Stigma Kills panel sponsored by Sex Workers Outreach Project [facebook]
11/04/15 California Institute of the Arts Transfeminism in-class guest lecture over Skype
10/27/15 Barnard College, New York City Against Japanese 'Comfort Women' Denialism in the U.S. lecture [facebook]
10/26/15 Ramapo College, Mahwah NJ Intersex Awareness Day/Queer History Month keynote [facebook]
San Franciso City Hall "Comfort Women" Issue in the U.S. policy briefing
08/06/15 "Comfort Women" Justice Coalition, San Francisco Confronting Jpanese Right-wing Revisionism in the U.S. workshop
UCLA Trans-Pacific Workshop What researches on contemporary sex trafficking inform us about historical "comfort women," or vice versa panel
05/03/15 Intertwined: Women of Color Conference, Eugene OR Rejecting Victim/Survivor Dichotomy: From Individual Mandate to Collective Action workshop
05/02/15 Rethinking Responses to Youth in the Sex Trade workshop
Queer Students of Color Conference, Portland OR Building a Queer BIPOC Coalition to Unravel "Three Pillars of White Supremacy" workshop
03/28/15 Color of Violence conference, Chicago IL Rejecting Victim/Survivor Dichotomy: From Individual Mandate to Collective Action workshop
03/27/15 Don't believe the hype about sex trade in popular media workshop with Kelli Dorsey and Native Youth Sexual Health Network
Anti-trafficking Policies and the Deputiation of Social Service workshop
01/29/15 University of Oregon Eugene OR "Intersexion" Film Screening guest speaker following film [facebook]