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Whose Feminism is it Anyway? The Unspoken Racism of the Trans Inclusion/Exclusion Debate

Workshop description for "Beyond Visibility: Queer People of Color Shattering the Single-Issue Politics" conference (02/16/2002)

This workshop examines ways in which the debate surrounding inclusion/exclusion of transgender/transsexual people in women's and queer spaces has been framed by white middle-class radical feminists and white middle-class trans activists without regard to the contributions of queer people of color that interrogate notions of "safe space" and universal experiences of women or men. Based on this analysis, the group will work to build a better rhetorics to support transgender/transsexual people, especially transgender/transsexual people of color, which draw upon more complex understandings of multiplicity, contradictions, and boundaries that come from the lived realities of queer people of color.